Orienteering experience you will remember forever Tunturit. luonto. maisemat.

Run in the wilderness of Lapland


Ylläs, Kolari

Epic landscapes

Punch at the top of the fell and enjoy the scenery

High quality courses

Top notch courses and demanding orienteering

Spirit of wilderness

Reindeer, wildlife and untouched nature

2xshort distance, long distance and 2xmiddle distance

Open fell terrain, candle shaped spruces and epic scenery


On holiday in the heart of wilderness

Experiences and orienteering for all

We think Finnish Lapland is one of the most epic places to orienteer. Fells, beautiful landscapes and demanding terrains is something unique, something to remember. Choose the most suitable course for you and enjoy the week full of orienteering. 

Invitational event for the best

Erämaan Valtiaat

Every sport needs role models. That is why we invite the best of the best to Lapland and give them a real challenge in the wilderness. Who is the lord or mistress of the wilderness after demanding days? 

Finland's most popular outdoor destination


Ylläs is the pearl of Lapland and an active holiday destination, as there is plenty of activities and things to do for everyone. The mountain nature invites you to paddle, run or cycle, and the lively mountain villages offer restaurants and shops for many tastes with a Lapland atmosphere. 

Rakenna pitkä loma Lapissa

Tunturisuunnistus heti perään

Juokse terävät ja haastavat LOW tapahtumat lepää päivä ja osallistu perinteiseen tunturisuunnistukseen. Äkäskeron ja Pyhätunturin maisemat takaavat unohtumattoman elämyksen. Ja koska sarjoja löytyy myös pariversiona, niin homma on tuplaten hauskempaa porukassa. 

Can orienteering be any better?

5 days, 5 different kind of experience

Experience Ylläs in an unforgettable way

Conquer open fells and orienteer

Lapland O Week offers orienteering experiences for all the money: unforgettable rocky terrain, the open law of the fells, the challenging mountain slope, and the ice age-shaped ditches. The different terrains ensure that the WOW-feeling is on all week. 

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