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YLLÄs, Kolari

Fell center of Ylläs

Easy to arrive

By car, by bus or by plane

Handy to move

Events nearby

In the heart of wilderness but easy to access

It is easy to come to Ylläs

From kolari Railway station

VR's trains run to Kolari station with slightly changed schedules also during the summer, from where there is a bus connection to Ylläs. One good option is also to travel to Rovaniemi, from where you can conveniently continue your journey towards Ylläs. The night train also provides an easy way to travel to both destinations. 

From Kittilä Airport

Airline schedules are changing all the time, but it is also possible to fly to Lapland and Oulu. You can rent a car from the airport or choose the public transport to Ylläs. But air travel has slowed, so this may not be the easiest way to arrive at the moment. 

0 km
by car from Southern finland

One of the best ways to arrive in Ylläs is with a full car. Pack your family, partner or friends in the car and drive up to north, allowing the car to be used for week-long adventures when needed. At the same time, it is good option to explore other part of Finlans as well. 

Arrive by public transport, move with muscle power

Rent a bicycle

Events are nearby, easy to move without car

It is important to us that moving during week is easy and successful without adjustment and a car. The best option to take over the fells is to rent a bike. You can choose a Fatbike with a thicker tire, a normal bike or even an electronic version of a mountain bike that offers a slight kick uphill. 

Few rental places in the village of Äkäslompolo: 


Villages full of options

Accommodation for every taste

Ylläs, as one of Finland's largest ski resorts, offers a wide range of accommodation options, from hotels to small cottages and to the largest luxury villas. The price range varies, so building your own-looking vacation is easy and your budget gets to hit a self-looking price range. 

few options for accommodation: 

All accommodation services in the Ylläs area

Ylläs tourism site, where you can find accommodation from hotels to camping.


Get to know the accommodation and at the same time see what great things you can do in Ylläs in addition to orienteering.

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