orienteering experience in the wilderness of Lapland

Lapland O Week Briefly in English

Briefly the most important info

Info in a nutshell

1. Location

The outdoor resort Saariselkä.

Approximately 250 kilometres North of the Arctic Circle is Europe’s northernmost outdoor resort, Saariselkä. First and foremost, visitors come to Saariselkä to indulge in outdoor activities in the magnificent backdrop provided by the fells. Saariselkä serves as a gateway to Finland’s second-largest national park of the Urho Kekkonen National Park.

1. Courses and events

5 events:
30.7. Middle, Kiilopää
31.7. Short, Kiilopää
1.8. Long, Kaunispää
3.8. Middle, Kaunispää
4.8. Short, Kaunispää

9 different courses

2. Register

You can easily register via email. Send us info@liikup.com:
Emit card (or need to rent)
Date of Birth

Important links before LOW-week

Important links during LOW-week

Smooth day in the fells

How everything works during LOW-day

1. Check your personal details before hand and come to event center

Check own personal details from start list and if something have to be changed email info@liikup.com

2. Register your emit under air arch and you are ready to go

Register your emit card every day under the air arch. Our start robot checks that everything is ok and you are ready to go.

After registration you can move on to start.

3. At start choose the right course

When you reach the start choose the right start lane (A, A+, B...). No start times. When you start put the emit to startunit and you are ready to go.

4. Enjoy demanding terrains

Enjoy the wilderness and epic landscapes. At the finish our robot will check your result and you are done.

How start works?

Scales, map sizes and course lengths

Course information will be udated during summer 2022

Emit rental and all necessary information

Basic info

You can collect and pay rental emit cards at the event center (tent next to finnish air arch). 10€/week, card payment. 

There is one start every day and signs to start starts from event center under air arch.

Start freely between:

  1. event              15-19
  2. to 5. event      10 and 15. 

Finish will be in the event center. Finish will be closed at 17 from second to fifth event and at 20.30 during first event. 

Can be bought from the info tent from event center every day. 

Locations and area maps will be upadated during summer 2022

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